Come, be in the presence of living spiritual masters and continue your spiritual journey with full awareness of your divine energy within!

The Parmarth School of Yoga offers retreats throughout the year and around major holidays for those who are drawn to rejuvenating and re-energizing their path of Self-discovery, to awaken the divine energy within yourself and let your own inner Light emerge as you discover your inner wisdom!

Our retreats include pranayama, yoga asanas, spiritual question & answer sessions, silent and guided meditations, mantra chanting, karma yoga, and Himalayan walks, and conclude with Ganga havan and aarti at sunset followed by darshan/satsang with Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Bhagwatiji.

Upcoming 2023-2024 Retreats

Start Date End Date Duration Course
October 19th October 24th 5 days Special Navratri Retreat
December 30th January 1st, 2024 3 days Special New Year Retreat
March 8th March 14th 7 days International Yoga Festival
April 12th April 16th 5 days Special Navratri Retreat
July 21st 1 day Guru Purnima Celebration
June 21st 1 days International Yoga Day Celebrations
August 3rd August 8th 5 days Spiritual Retreat
October 3rd October 7th 5 days Special Navratri Retreat
December 30th January 1st, 2025 3 days Special New Year Retreat

Important Retreat Information

  • Approach the retreat with the understanding that it is not a casual event—it is for those earnestly seeking transformation and/or release of all that no longer serves you.
  • Students should be punctual for each class.
  • Students must not undergo any Ayurvedic or Panchakarma treatment during the retreat.
  • Students must not attend any other classes during the retreat.
  • Students should adopt sincere behavior whilst staying at the ashram.
  • Complete the entire retreat and to attend each and every session without exception.
  • All pilgrims are expected to join in the Ganga Aarti (the light ceremony with devotional songs at sunset).
  • The pilgrims staying in this ashram are required to observe and adhere to truth, non-violence, self-discipline, and polite etiquette.
  • Respect and abide by the code of the ashram for the full duration of the retreat.  To learn about all of the ashram’s guidelines, please click here.
  • All pilgrims (both men and women) are required to dress modestly and soberly, in a way that shows respect for the tradition of ashram life. We request that no shorts, sleeveless shirts, or other revealing clothing are worn.
  • The following are strictly prohibited: smoking, drinking intoxicants, using drugs, eating egg or other non-vegetarian foods, playing cards, watching television, playing radios/cassette players loudly. We also recommend that you refrain from eating onions and garlic.
  • It is prohibited to use playing cards, radios, or TVs.
  • Please refrain from picking flowers and littering.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • No strangers or persons who are not mentioned on the admission form are allowed to be invited or entertained in the rooms.
  • It is the pilgrim’s responsibility to keep his/her room clean and tidy. Rooms should always remain in the same condition as when they were assigned.
  • While at the retreat, take the divine opportunity to go as deeply as possible. In this way, you make the most of your opportunity and also honour the retreat of other participants.
  • Take the opportunity to ask questions to Pujya Swamiji and/or Sadhvi Bhagawatiji that will be helpful to you on your spiritual path.  There is no such thing as a “wrong” question!  If you would like to submit a question but don’t want to do it in front of others, you can write them down and give them to the sevaks at the ashram.
  • In the event that the administration asks the pilgrim to leave, the pilgrim must vacate the premises immediately.
  • Please do not oblige anyone by directly providing money, clothes or tips of any kind. This affects the discipline and management of the ashram as well as negatively influences the divine, devoted feeling amongst the individuals here.  Whatever help you want to give, please donate it to the office, and it will be distributed where it is most needed.
  • Please note that spiritual retreats are not replacements for medical treatment and/or therapy.  If you have or are currently dealing with a medical problem, whether it be physical or mental, please ensure that this retreat will be a safe place for you, as well as the other participants.
  • By attending this event, you agree to have your image and possibly voice recorded, which could be shared in our publications, videos, websites, and social media.  Images of all individuals are treated with respect, and your image and/or voice will never be sold.  If you do not want to be photographed/filmed, please write to us or let us know in advance.